UR Life Chooses Praanapoorna

UR Life chooses a thoughtful gift for the employee health and well being with Praanapoorna’s All Natural Mosquito Repellent. Companies have to choose from a wide variety of goodies that can strike a chord with the employees for new year. The co branded efforts helps in company making a statement about the gift. UR Life’s thoughtful gesture in choosing Praanapoorna mosquito repellent is caring about the employees health and promoting a sense of holistic chemical free wellness. 

8000 co branded mosquito repellent bottles will drive the concept home that there are all herbal products in the market which are effective and safe to use. Smitha, founder of Praanapoorna would like to see this emulated in entire health care and hospitality industry and she says “this shows that the employees are cared for.’ 

Praanapoorna Collective is a young organization finding solutions for a toxin-free world and working through a collective model of local entrepreneurship for easy and local supply. For any queries for employee gifts or use within your residential communities, send us an email or contact us at

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