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Good for Ecosystem ,Good for you

Founder's Story: A Journey to Sustainable Natural Living

Smitha Kamath, a former polymer engineer, worked for 16 years in the corporate sector, experienced the emotional trauma of witnessing her two-year-old daughter suffer from acute skin allergies. Determined to address the root cause rather than simply treating the symptoms, Smitha embarked on a journey of discovery, studying the products used by her family and their impact on well-being.

This pivotal moment ignited Smitha’s transformation from a corporate to an advocate of sustainable Natural living. She realized that everything, from our food to the products we use, is interconnected and plays a significant role in our overall well-being. Motivated by her daughter’s health struggles, Smitha created a brand offering natural, eco-friendly alternatives to chemical-laden products.

Who We are ?

Ashok B P

Production Director, Mysore

Ashok possesses a background as a mechanical engineer and has an impressive 40-year entrepreneurial journey. In the last 3 years, he has emerged as a passionate eco-warrior and dedicated green entrepreneur. Through workshops and awareness sessions, he actively advocates for chemical-free living both on an individual and community level. Notably, he has played a crucial role in successfully implementing large-scale composters at hotels and places of worship in Mysore, furthering his commitment to sustainable practices.

Srushti Jayaram 

Production Director, Chikmagalur

Shrushti is an avid environmentalist working continuously to reduce the usage of materials that adversely affect the environment. She has taken various green initiatives starting from waste management and composting in an apartment she lived continuing to various carnivals where she worked with the organizers to eliminate single-use crockery and cutlery. Having lived in Bengaluru for nearly 24 years, she decided to leave the hustle-bustle of city life and move back to the village to convert their farm into a natural and sustainable one. 

Suchitra Kariyappa


Director Supply Chain planning & E-Commerce strategy 

A Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur following her passion for sustainability and Entrepreneurship. Her interest and focus is to adopt and promote responsible living having minimal negative impact on the Environment. This has led her to look for alternatives to existing solutions and recreate the products using sustainable ingredients.

In the past, she was the Co-founder of Suvidha Ecofuels, in charge of biodiesel production. At Praanapoorna, Suchitra drives Local Production and manages the overall supply chain from sourcing local raw materials to Order fulfillment through various  E-Commerce partner sites.

Smitha Kamath


Founder and Director, Praanapoorna Natural Products & PraanaPoorna Collective

Smitha is a dedicated advocate for sustainability and environmental conservation. She is the founder of Praanapoorna Natural Products and PraanaPoorna Collective, which focus on revitalizing handcrafted natural products and promoting sustainable lifestyles. Smitha strongly believes in the principles of circular economy, community production models, and the use of local alternatives to replace harmful petrochemical-based products. In her ongoing pursuit of creating sustainable alternatives, Smitha actively engages in product engineering. Her primary focus is on developing natural alternatives using locally available raw materials to replace petrochemical-based products. To ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, she conducts thorough research and development, formulates products with desired functionalities, and subjects them to rigorous lab testing.

Our Vision: Reviving Nature's Antimicrobial Goodness

PraanaPoorna Collective is dedicated to providing natural and effective cleaning solutions that prioritize the inherent antimicrobial goodness of bio-based, locally sourced ingredients. By incorporating ingredients like soapnuts, citrus enzymes, and tree resins, we aim to offer products that clean effectively and protect against harmful microbes without the risks associated with synthetic or chemical agents.

Central to PraanaPoorna’s philosophy is the concept of “prana,” the life force that nourishes and sustains us. Our products are carefully crafted using CDG-certified natural, unrefined, and raw origin ingredients, preserving the purity and vitality of the raw materials throughout the production process. This ancient wisdom reminds us of the interconnectedness of all living beings and natural elements, and we strive to incorporate this life force into our offerings. 

Our Mission: Embracing Nature's Vitality for Ecosystem Restoration

At PraanaPoorna Collective, our mission is to revolutionize how we approach cleaning and hygiene while prioritizing sustainability, well-being, and equitable access to natural solutions. Inspired by the vision of our founder, Smitha Kamath, we are committed to harnessing natural ingredients’ raw origin and inherent vitality to create products that enhance the health of individuals and the environment. 

Praanapoorna aims to revolutionize the way we clean our environment by introducing natural disinfectant cleaners and antimicrobial detergents that are non-toxic, highly effective, and safe. These innovative products not only reduce water usage but also prevent harmful effects on water bodies, avoiding frothing.

The core philosophy of Praanapoorna lies in harnessing the power of bio-enzymes to clean our surroundings while promoting the well-being of our immune systems and the soil, the company ensures a healthy balance in our ecosystem.

A key focus of Praanapoorna is to design products that are easily biodegradable, allowing them to be effortlessly digested by the earth after use. When these products are used, the water employed in the process naturally rejuvenates the soil and water sources, acting as a natural fertilizer for plants or a means to clean drains, depending on the specific application.

With Praanapoorna’s natural solutions, we can create safe living spaces that invite more life force into our lives. Embracing these eco-friendly products contributes to ecosystem regeneration and a more sustainable way of living.

PraanaPoorna products are described as “full of prana,” reflecting our commitment to providing solutions beyond surface cleaning. Our focus on reviving bio-based, locally sourced natural ingredients ensures that our products resonate with the essence of nature, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and promoting overall well-being.Here are the core values of PraanaPoorna that define us and explain our beliefs, ethics, and reason behind what we are


Our vision and mission are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • Aroma Healing: Enhancing Balance and Wellness

At PraanaPoorna Collective, we understand the profound impact of essential oils derived from herbs. By avoiding synthetic fragrances and embracing natural aromas, our products enhance their antimicrobial properties and promote Energy balance, wellness, and the healing power of aroma therapy. We believe in the holistic approach of aroma healing, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing, which aim to harmonize and restore energy within the body and the surrounding environment.

  • Handmade Products: Caring for Nature Every Step of the Way

All PraanaPoorna Collective products are lovingly handmade, meticulously ensuring inherent goodness, praana is retained with minimal processing and no machinery to process. We prioritize sustainability by ensuring our procurement till manufacturing processes leave minimal to no waste that could harm the water bodies or the ecosystems. By creating products that are in harmony with nature, we minimize our environmental footprint and support the well-being of our planet.

  • Responsible production for local consumption model to reduce emissions: Ecosystem regeneration for a Sustainable World

PraanaPoorna Collective is committed to optimizing transport emissions and energy consumption throughout our operations.

Our distributed community production model is fully committed to building a circular economy, where we strive for zero waste and energy-efficient manufacturing processes. By decentralizing production and consumption, we significantly reduce emissions associated with transport and packaging, leading to a more sustainable approach.

A cornerstone of our model is the sourcing and production of raw materials locally. This strategic decision not only minimizes the environmental impact of long-distance transportation but also actively supports local communities. Our focus on using only locally available raw materials fosters localization and contributes to a circular economy that optimizes resource utilization.

Our materials and manufacturing processes are meticulously designed to prioritize reusability, remanufacturing, recycling, and recovery. This fundamental approach ensures that our products and materials remain within the economic cycle, reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency. Embracing a circular economy mindset, we strive for the long-term sustainability of our products while minimizing the use of natural resources and toxic materials.

Additionally, we integrate “Responsible Consumption and Production” into our packaging process by reusing containers and minimizing single-use packaging. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to minimizing waste and promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. The practice of repurposing packaging materials has the power to inspire a culture of reuse, recycling, and upcycling among our consumers. When individuals purchase PraanaPoorna products packaged in repurposed containers, they are encouraged to find innovative ways to reuse these containers in their daily lives. This active engagement in upcycling fosters a circular economy mindset, where materials are continually kept in use, thereby reducing waste and lessening the necessity for new packaging. 

  • Empowering Women: Enhancing Livelihoods through Sustainability

At PraanaPoorna Collective, we believe in the power of empowering women and providing equitable access. We actively support and collaborate with women artisans and entrepreneurs, providing them with opportunities to enhance their livelihoods through sustainable practices. We foster economic empowerment and build a more inclusive and equitable society by valuing and promoting women’s participation in our supply chain.

We embrace the handmade process by employing women to create more livelihoods rather than machine-made processes. Our commitment extends beyond our business goals; we are driven by a vision of “Social Inclusivity,” where everyone has a place and a chance to thrive. Through our community engagement and livelihood production model, we work to ensure equitable access to essential resources such as “Clean Water” and “Good Health and Well-Being.”

By empowering women with sustainable livelihoods, we contribute to their economic independence and overall empowerment. The power of handmade products not only preserves traditional crafts but also fosters an environment where creativity and artistry flourish.

  • Ecosystem restoration using enzymes with Antimicrobial Properties: A Healthier Environment for All

PraanaPoorna’s dedication to addressing groundwater contamination, frothing of lakes and rivers, and providing eco-friendly alternatives perfectly aligns with the core tenets of the circular economy. By prioritizing the preservation of water ecosystems and supporting biodiversity conservation, PraanaPoorna showcases a firm commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible resource management.

Bio-Enzyme based cleaning products play a pivotal role in their approach. These cleaners offer numerous advantages, being biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and produced sustainably by microorganisms. Remarkably effective even at lower concentrations, they significantly reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, the focus on maintaining our immunity aligns with the understanding that a healthy immune system is crucial for overall well-being. By using enzyme-based cleaning products, PraanaPoorna aims to provide a safer and healthier environment, reducing the potential exposure to harmful chemicals that can compromise our immune systems.

The antimicrobial properties of our products play a crucial role in creating a healthier environment. We aim to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and fungi through the natural ingredients we incorporate, such as soapnuts, citrus enzymes, and tree resins. By reducing the reliance on synthetic or chemical antimicrobial agents, we provide effective protection against microbes while minimizing potential risks to human health and the environment.

The use of bio-based ingredients and enzymes in PraanaPoorna’s cleaning solutions enhances their biodegradability. When these products are released into the environment, they can break down naturally without leaving behind harmful residues or causing long-term pollution.

Join us on our journey to a greener, healthier future. At PraanaPoorna Collective, we believe that embracing nature’s wisdom and harnessing its vitality can create a more sustainable world for generations to come. Together, let us clean our surroundings while maintaining our immunity, promoting well-being, and preserving the beauty of our planet.

How We Ensure a Minimal Ecological Footprint for Your Orders

  • We ship everything Plastic Free (right from product materials to packaging and shipping materials used), on an average, our products help us reduce our plastic footprint by approximately 2.1 Kgs per product for each product sold.
  • This effectively means, on an average, we save 12 kgs of carbon emission for each product sold. The carbon footprint of plastic (LDPE or PET, poyethylene) is about 6 kg Carbon Emission for each kg of plastic.
  • In total, we have been able to save 1,03,602 kgs of plastic from entering into landfills (since June 2019).