Praana Inclusion Foundation launched

We thank Vision Karnataka Foundation and AWAKE for giving us an opportunity to present Praanapoorna natural cleaners and disinfectants to Large Industries minister Mr. Murgesh Nirani. Praanapoorna Collective has initiated Praana Inclusion Foundation to train and enable these livelihood projects with #lgbtqcommunity to produce and market Affordable natural cleaners. Karunagruha is collabrating with Praanapoorna in …

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Sacred Groves

Sacred groves have been a key to creating natural capital for ages now. Here’s a snippet of why and how they contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Plant more native tree clusters and preserve our biodiversity!vanmahotsav2021#praanapoornacollective #praanapoorna #sustainableliving #sustainablebengaluru

Waste Management

In India, our waste management system is still largely unregulated with the requirement of huge amounts of manual labour. Segregation of waste isn’t a systemically adopted practice yet, leaving mounds of unsegregated solid waste after collection from homes and communities. BBMP workers and waste pickers are left with the job of doing the separation manually, …

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Pranapoorna and SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and production)

Responsible Consumption and Production feed each other. While one may argue that consumption patterns determine the products, this is not always true. Many times the products are required and there is demand however the status quo does not permit that. Besides there is an inherent inertia for going away from the comfort zone. And that …

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Pranapoorna and SDG 11(Sustainable cities and communities)

The world population has been ever increasing. Not only that, there has been a trend of increasing urbanization which appears to be irreversible in near future.In order to meet the accommodation needs of all, building modern and sustainable cities appears to be a basic requirement. The eleventh sustainable development goal of the UN seeks to …

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Praanapoorna and SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation)

Clean Water and sanitation is one of the key sustainable development goals that the world is conscious about. Particularly in the regions where water scarcity is already showing severe stress, water tables are lowering leaving cities with no reliable water source. Similarly the availability of water as a resource can work if the cleaning of  …

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