Mothering A Sustainable lifestyle

A myriad of changes occurs once motherhood begins. Whether that is about mothering a child or caring for the environment like a child, it is alike. Motherhood has greeted me with unbound joy; However, at the same time, it has brought me to face the atrocities happening in our environment. The thought of raising my child amidst the brutalities of man is certainly harrowing.

To create and nurture a safe space for our offspring has been man’s ulterior motive. Ironically, today we are pushing them towards the brink of human extinction. The uncontained pace of development and destruction of nature and its resources is a felony man is still unaware of the magnitude. In a world, today that is driven by disposables and plastics like there is an infinite dumping space on earth is appalling, to say the least.

With the kind of problems we are facing that is hugely a consequence of our doings, we may not be able to reverse it but, we can definitely preserve the unexpended sanctity and the availability of nature that is untapped by the greed of man still yet.

A mindful living, a conscious consumption of resources, and a responsible act of disposal of wastes are, by far, the most promising action that we can take today. Adopting a minimalistic lifestyle in a way that majorly reduces the stress on the environment starting from raw material procurement, and manufacturing to disposal is probably the single-handed solution to contain the massive destruction and hampering of nature, wildlife, and ocean life.

To create a safe space for my child, I realized that the change needs to begin with me. Attempting One change at a time to save earth from the perils of destruction, motherhood has made me more earth-aligned and nature compassionate. It all starts with motivation, and that for me began with becoming a mother.

From exclusively cloth diapering my child to becoming a vegan eventually, this journey of sustainability and adopting minimalism has been intensely spiritual for me. The closeness one can draw with nature and being in union with it is the epitome of joy a man can experience, and this is precisely what I wish to enlighten my child with.

Praanapoorna in every way has been an accelerator in this journey of embracing a sustainable lifestyle. I must admit, I still have a lot to learn, but nothing Is too less when it comes to adopting a nature-approved life and lifestyle.

In a life taken over by synthetic chemicals, having Praanapoorna develop a diverse range of products to beat the consumption of hazardous chemicals is remarkable. The natural derivatives that are brainstormed to be used in so many useful ways to combat the degradation of climate are undeniably the need of the hour. A zero-waste unit with ethics in line with nature is the most profound solution to the heedless and concerning disposal of wastes occurring all around. It is outstanding to see affordable, nature-safe alternatives for almost all products we use in every quarter of life. A will is all that is needed to make a shift.

The beauty and magic of nature are that she accepts everything taken from her with open arms. The ones that are innate to her, go back to nature seamlessly, and she gives it back to us in tenfold goodness. The insistence on using environmentally friendly products has gained so much momentum in the last few years for this very reason. Alas, man has realized!! It is never too late to work on restoring the nature that we have unabashedly destroyed.

Let us give our children the whole beauty of nature that we, as younger ones, witnessed and enjoyed. Let us fill their basket of hearts with compassion for nature and every earthling.

Let us kindle more kindness in future adults.

Let us raise human beings who are connected to nature more than gadgets.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Children grow up seeing us. Let us hold our earth dear to us so that our children will do so, too.


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