Praana Inclusion Foundation launched

We thank Vision Karnataka Foundation and AWAKE for giving us an opportunity to present Praanapoorna natural cleaners and disinfectants to Large Industries minister Mr. Murgesh Nirani.

Praanapoorna Collective has initiated Praana Inclusion Foundation to train and enable these livelihood projects with #lgbtqcommunity to produce and market Affordable natural cleaners.

Karunagruha is collabrating with Praanapoorna in their inclusive Community production model by engaging LGBT community To provide Equitable Access to all economic sections by producing Affordable products range.

As part of our bulk production plan we have an ongoing project with #differentlyabled students of AMOGH NGO and women SHG with Saahas NGO.

Do get in touch with us if you would like to engage us to train and start the livelihood projects for #localproduce of natural cleaners with women #SHG Self help groups in your neighbourhood.

Praanapoorna offers a range of natural cleaners, Lab-tested products with 99.99% disinfectant efficacy. Praanapoorna products are handcrafted and made using natural, locally sourced raw materials like citrus peels, soapnut, shikakai and pure essential oils.  

#abundance #naturalcapital #localproduce #inclusionanddiversity #lgbtinclusion #unsdgaction #livelihoods

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