How Praanapoorna Products contribute to climate protection and how you can join us

Praanapoorna is committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). UNSDGs which are the world’s collective to-do list for 2030, one of the important goals is Climate Action, which is Goal no 13. The goal is to tackle dangerous climate change that threatens the well being of people and the planet. Praanapoorna’s carefully carved out business model has climate protection at its core, not only for sourcing the ingredients but also for its entire value chain which includes  both upstream and downstream. Care is also taken for processing without using high temperature so as to avoid use of any fossil fuel. Purchasing Praanapoorna products through your contact points can be an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint.

Reducing upstream emissions:

Praanapoorna uses only natural products handcrafted with locally available natural raw materials such as citrus peels, soap nuts, shikakai and pure essential oils for chemical free living spaces. The raw materials are sourced from within 100 kms for 95% of the ingredients. Reduced transport contributes to reduced emissions.

Reducing Processing emissions:

As the products are handmade without heating or boiling processes, the embedded energy and therefore carbon is avoided as compared to any other product.

Reducing packaging emissions:

Praanapoorna products are handcrafted and sold in repurposed, reused, refillable containers and the supply chain is planned in a way that there is only local groups manufacturing the product to be delivered locally. This ensures producer responsibility by not creating demand for new plastic or packaging material.

End of Life emissions:

Praanapoorna promotes adoption of a chemical free zero landfill lifestyle. Landfills produce methane, which is not just a green-house gas, but also a climate powerhouse having an ability to retain 84 times more heat in our atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Therefore if we reduce-amount of waste going to landfills and reduce the amount of methane, we can have immediate climate benefits; Praanapoorna is paving a way for a zero waste future through their efforts.

Reducing downstream emissions

Downstream logistics which is from manufacturing to your office or home can be a big source of avoidable emissions. Here at Praanapoorna there is care taken to develop a business model which is decentralized, works for you as well as the planet.

No fugitive emissions

Products of Praanapoorna such as disinfectant cleaners, shampoo or mosquito repellent spray do not have any chemicals or gases that have direct emissions or flu gases as by-products of the complex processes which are common in conventional chemical cleaners.

Are you looking for a Net Zero Target for 2030, 2040 or even 2050

For company’s who are looking at targets in next decades to become net zero, while you may have renewable energy for your commercial requirements and paper recycling as one of the strategy, don’t ignore the emission contribution from cleaning disinfectants and fumigation mosquito repellants.

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