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Gut health matters – Let our skin glow from inside

A beautiful glowing skin is a reflection of good health. This can be accomplished with good lifestyle

practices and skin care habits. Smitha Kamath, the founder director of Praanapoorna Collective

put together some ways to get healthy and glowing skin in a natural way.

Gut health matters

From genetics and hormones to food and nutrition, the skin often reflects what is occurring in

the body. Unhealthy gut can be revealed by a variety of skin ailments. Here is a guide to

everything to improve your gut health. Eating meals at the right time of day reduces acidity and

it helps the growth of microorganisms in the gut.

these microbes facilitates digestion and stimulates the immune system. Soil is a key factor influencing the composition of gut microbiota.

So working with soil reduces body heat and increases gut microbes and it further helps to synthesize certain vitamins and amino acids critical to human living.

Even if you can’t change your genes, you can change your eating habits. Native diverse high fiber content, prebiotic rich foods in the raw forms increases enzymes and microbes. And you need to cleanse your gut if there comes any severe gastrointestinal problems.

Reducing body heat- oil massage.

You can probably say that the health of the gut and the skin requires both an internal and

external approach. In the external approach, castor oil bath is a promising option for reducing body heat. Applying castor oil on the belly button and feet every night could be the other option.

Workout with nature regularly

Regular workout increases blood flow to the skin that causes the skin pores open and iron out

the nervous system. Also exercise may give your skin a slight glow and help you look a bit

healthier due to increased blood circulation. Exposure to soil calms can be good for mental

health as well as it neutralizes body heat. Practicing the ancient Indian arts of healthy living

helps you in growth and heal your body, mind and soul.

Wear natural skin care fabrics with natural dyes

Skin breathes and always absorbs a significant portion of what is put on it. So natural skin care products are better for you to use. Praanapoorna provides natural products that are made up of 100% raw form raw material sourced directly from forest produce and natural farm – ingredients such as cold pressed  oils, beeswax, sambrani – tree resin, plants and other fruit extracts.

These components are known to nurture and treat your skin naturally with lifeforce PRAANA and in raw form retains their natural lifeforce. Most of the Praanapoorna products contain antioxidants that help your body slow down the ageing process and have been tested and shown significant have anti-bacterial effectiveness.

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