PraanaPoorna Natural PET Spray- Waterless Shampoo 300 ml

240.00 INR

Natural Origin Citrus enzyme with neem oil and essential oils.

Directions for use: Natural Waterless Shampoo. Ready to use
Spray on Pet’s coat and wipe with a cloth. Helps retain oil in the Pet’s coat. Use weekly once.
Helps in odour control.
Can also be used as disinfectant spray on paws.

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Citrus peel extract, Soap nut, and pure essential oil
100 % Natural|Handcrafted|Bio-Degradable|LabTested|Disinfectant|Save Water

Praanapoorna Pet Spray is a natural Anti-bacterial cleaner produced from citrus peel extract, soap nut, and pure essential oils.
It is an effective alternative to harsh chemical solutions we typically use for our cleaning purposes. This is an alternate
grooming method and saves water.


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