Praanapoorna Kennel Wash 5L

950.00 INR

100% Natural | Biodegradable | Lab Tested | Disinfectant Efficacy 99.99%|| Environmentally safe |

Praanapoorna Kennel Wash Natural Origin Bio enzyme with pure essential oils.
Directions for Use : Concentrate – Mix well & Dilute before Use. Mix 10ml of kennel wash in half a bucket of water to use for mopping. Mix 10ml in 100 ml water to use as a Surface Cleaner. For complete deodorizing of the kennel and disinfecting with a pleasant fragrance. Store away from sunlight and close the cap tightly after use.
Safe for kids, pets, and lakes. Create chemical-free Living spaces. Invite more lifeforce and “Praana” into our lives. Increase beneficial microbes to regain balance of our ecosystem.


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