Praanapoorna Bioenzyme Local Produce- 5L

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Citrus Bioenzyme Concentrate. No added Fragrance. Manufactured by Livelihood projects. Bioenzyme Local produce

Usage instructions
Natural Disinfectant Surface Cleaner. 98% efficacy. Concentrate – Dilute before Use. Effective against odour and flies and for odour control in soiled areas
• Floor Cleaner: 5 ml to 5 to 10 lt water.
• Surface Cleaner: use 1 part enzyme to 10 parts water and wipe with cloth
• Laundry: 1:1 with soapnut detergent liquid for odour control
• Plant Fertilizer: take your left over mop water and feed to your plants!
• Car Wash: 1 part to 10 parts water.

Praanapoorna Citrus Bio peel extract is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner produced from citrus peels.
It is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenol, and other chemical solutions that are typically used in living spaces for cleaning purposes.
By using Citrus peel extracts you are bringing back beneficial microbes thus inhibiting growth of pathogens – into our living spaces and waste water joining water bodies.
This increases the life force in our ecosystem allowing our lifestyle to work with Earth to regain its natural regeneration capacity.