Loofah Scrubbers – for kitchen and bath (Pack of 6)

149.00 INR

Indulge in sustainable holistic-care with our Plant Fiber Loofah.


Directions for Use:
Kitchen: Apply dish soap to the loofah and use it to wash dishes.
Bath (exfoliation): Apply body soap to the loofah and use it to exfoliate the skin.
Mop (cleaning): Apply a cleaning agent to the loofah and use it to clean sinks, tiles, and tubs.
Care: Squeeze and dry after every use for longevity, Change loofah depending on usage.

Our heirloom loofah is sourced from family farms in India. Grown using traditional methods, these loofahs are free of pesticides and herbicides and are completely unprocessed.
Our Loofah is 100% plant fiber and 100% compostable.
To discard, compost, or simply bury in your garden.

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