PraanaPoorna Natural Handwash 5L

3,695.00 INR

Natural Origin Soapnuts and Shikakai based Handwash with Natural Origin Saponins and essential oils.
Anti-bacterial handwash, cleans hands efficienlty using less water .
100% Natural | Biodegradable |Kid & Pet safe | LabTested | Disinfectant Efficacy 99.99%
Handcrushed fresh pods of Soapnuts and Shikakai with pure essential oil.

Directions for use:
Apply handwash in small quantities, massage hands thoroughly, and rinse with water.
Precaution required: This can cause a severe burning sensation if it enters the eyes. In case if comes in contact with eyes, rinse with plain water.

● SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: This handwash is appropriate for all genders and age groups.
● ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIFUNGAL:Soapnuts are naturally antibacterial and antifungal and are very gentle on the skin.
● NATURAL AND SAFE FRAGRANCE: Aromatized with pure essential oil that is free of toxic chemicals.Eliminates bad odour leaving your hands with a fresh aroma.
● NON-POLLUTING: This natural handwash is environmentally friendly in several ways. Firstly, it uses less water to wash off. Secondly, on entering the sewage system it does not cause foaming or further pollution like any other chemical handwashes as it is biodegradable.
● CONTAINS SAPONINS: Biologically-Active Surfactants from plants helping us replace harmful chemical and synthetic surfactants. Saponins are effective cleaning agents.
Anti-bacterial handwash, cleans hands efficienlty using less water.

Ingredients:  Soapnuts, Shikakai, Bio flavonoids, essential oils i.e. geranium, mint

Note: Keep away from sunlight and replace the cap tightly after use.
Best before 2 years from the date of manufacture.