Pranapoorna and SDG 3 (Good Health and Well Being)

Pranapoorna products have an underpinning focus not only on human health and well being but for the ecosystem itself. Anything that is not good for human beings and the species with whom we share our planet, cannot be solving any problem for anyone. So the prime commitment we have is to provide good health and well-being for all. The question is what is it that leads to good health and well being when you choose Pranapoorna products? 

What ails the world:

A lot of the world’s chronic ill health issues can be attributed to the toxicity in  air, soil and water. There are many contaminants that are significant contributors to human illness. Air pollution due to over use of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers can have a devastating impact on all environmental components including groundwater, soil and air. It is also a major threat to living organisms. The most common air pollutants are ground level ozone and particulate matter (PM). Exposure to air pollutants causes temporary effects such as irritation of the eyes, nose, skin and throat, wheezing, headache to more serious conditions like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and heart issues. In addition, the toxicity of several air pollutants can also induce various chronic diseases over time.

Soil pollution is caused by the discharge of chemicals or wastes such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides and fertilizers. The presence of lead in soil causes cancer including leukemia and neuromuscular blockages in humans. The incidence of asthma and allergic diseases has increased globally in recent decades. A barrage of new cleaning agents that show adverse results over prolonged exposures do not come to the notice of many as there is no long term research conducted on these products and their environmental impact. 

What is the Solution: 

The number of problems that we have collectively created just wanting to solve the original problem of inconvenience is overwhelming. However, as with many problems, a similar number of solutions and solution providers are key  to the changing of the norms and providing the earth for our younger generations. There is a lot of development in moving from linear to circular for changing modes of transportation, new systems thinking and reducing toxins from the environment. 

How do Pranapoorna products contribute to Health and Well Being

Pranapoorna was born out of a need to provide solutions for keeping allergies at bay. What started as a mission to find solutions for one’s own self as there was nothing available on the market that was preservative free, grew in the direction of creating a collective, solving problems of chemical overuse. Pranapoorna helps in  replacing harmful chemicals in everyday living through community driven models dedicated to providing attractive natural and healthier solutions. With the help of product engineering Pranapoorna creates new natural products which substitutes harmful chemical products. The products are handcrafted using locally sourced natural ingredients such as citrus peels, shikakai, soapnuts and pure essential oils which have nothing in it to affect the human body, or environment in an adverse manner. Their wide range of natural products contributes to make progress towards a more eco-friendly and chemical free environment. Pranapoorna aims to revolutionize how people clean their house and other places without compromising health and well being. Without using toxic elements in the household or workplace, while also paying attention to what we eat we can ensure an efficient amount of microbes in our guts and good soil for a greener and healthier planet. If you would like to know more about Pranapoorna products get in touch with us.

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