Praanapoorna and SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation)

Clean Water and sanitation is one of the key sustainable development goals that the world is conscious about. Particularly in the regions where water scarcity is already showing severe stress, water tables are lowering leaving cities with no reliable water source. Similarly the availability of water as a resource can work if the cleaning of  the water happens locally and in fact if the contamination is tackled at source. 

Clean water and sanitation:

Clean water and sanitation are connected. As many cities in the world are dependent on surface water or groundwater, either ways the water bodies have become contaminated. Household cleaning happens but at the cost of contaminating the drainage system. Not only households the discharge of the chemicals in agricultural fields also happen which leads to the problems of acidification, higher nitrates and phosphate content, and high BOD levels.

The challenge of clean water: 

What we use at our home and offices, be it for the body care, home and office, or even using  pest repellants ends up leaching out directly or indirectly in our drainage. While we have a sense of cleaned surfaces and self, we are knowingly or unknowingly creating a bigger monster for ourselves. How do you keep pace with increasing levels of dangerous chemicals? 

The challenge of clean water is as much about the quantity as about the quality. In the developing world the cities are expanding. Mismanagement of water resources is one of the most difficult challenges that municipal governments are facing. Cleaning of the scarce water that is brought to the cities coupled with scarce and depleting ground water resources aggravates the problems. This causes expenses for the municipal bodies which are already resource starved. 

How Praanapoorna Products contribute to the goal of clean water and sanitation? 

Praanapoorna products are nature based products without preservatives and harmful chemicals. A community using  Praanapoorna products for every cleaning and washing needs can reduce their expense on filtration systems. The added advantage is that the water can be directly used for irrigation purposes as chemicals will not harm the grass or plants. So this addresses both the quantity and quality issue of the resource on which every form of life depends. Get in touch with us for more information on Praanapoorna Products. 

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