Waste Management

In India, our waste management system is still largely unregulated with the requirement of huge amounts of manual labour. Segregation of waste isn’t a systemically adopted practice yet, leaving mounds of unsegregated solid waste after collection from homes and communities. BBMP workers and waste pickers are left with the job of doing the separation manually, often under unhygienic conditions having bad odour, mosquitoes and flies. They also handle sanitary waste which is harmful for them.

Hasirudala is a social impact organization that works with waste pickers and other waste workers, and we at Praanapoorna are happy to partner with them and supply odour control spray. The spray, which is made from 100% natural products, helps in removing the bad odour, the mosquitoes, and the flies when sprayed daily. We are grateful to know that it helps make the workspace of the segregation workers a bit more tolerable.

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