This Diwali make cleaning ultra-safe- real deep cleaning

Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated around the festival Diwali to shun laziness and lethargy and also symbolically move the stuck energy out. Having your homes fresh and clean before Diwali is rejuvenating. However, what we forget is that with the cleaning agents we are letting those toxins in which linger on add to the allergy woes that follow throughout the winter season. 

Is there a way out? The first question anyone will ask is if any solution is possible without preservatives or stabilizers which are not harsh chemicals. 

That’s exactly where our learning can shift. Amongst all juices, apple juice is easiest to preserve without a preservative. Wonder why? Cause apple has pectin in it, and pectin is a polysaccharide that helps in preservation and guess what it is the same stuff that is found is citrus peels. So, you do not have to use chemicals for preservation. 

The next question is if the cleaning is effective. I would suggest you try a smaller bottle of cleaners and check out yourself. 

So non-toxic cleaners are available at Praanapoorna, visit our website and try deep and healthy cleaning and feel fresh. 

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