PraanaPoorna Beard Wash 100ml

240.00 INR

A nourishing blend of natural ingredients to cleanse, soften and maintain healthy facial hair and skin.

100% Natural |Non-Toxic LabTested | Natural fragrance | No preservatives | Anti -microbial

Directions for Use:
1.Splash your beard with warm water to ensure it’s thoroughly wet before applying the wash.
2.Take small amount of beard wash and gently massage into your beard using circular motions.
3.Rinse the beard thoroughly with warm water until all the beard wash is washed away.

Precaution: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

● SULPHATE-FREE, All- Natural Beard Wash gently cleanse and nourish your beard promoting a healthy, soft, and fresh-looking facial hair.
● SOAPNUT is renowned for its gentle cleansing properties. Removes impurities, excess oil without stripping your beard of its natural oils.
● PURE ESSENTIAL OIL not only provides a delightful scent but also enhances the therapeutic benefits, soothing your senses and promoting a sense of relaxation.
● Lathers less ,uses less water to wash Off.

Ingredients: Soapnut and pure essential oil

Note: Keep away from sunlight and replace cap tightly after use.
Best before 2 years from date of manufacture.

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