Praanapoorna Bathroom Degreaser-350ml

195.00 INR

Removes grease, grime and germs from various surfaces of bathroom. Keeps Surface spotless and sanitized.
Gentle on your family and the Environment.

100% Natural certified | Plant based | Non-Toxic| LabTested |Biodegradable| Anti-microbial|Disinfectant Efficacy 99.99%


Directions for Use:
Shake and Mix well before use.
Where To Use: Bathroom floors, Slabs, Wall tiles, Sinks, Basins, Stainless steel taps, Steel Fittings
For Floor: Spread the area with 5-10ml of the product .Leave for 5 minutes .Scrub and rinse with water.
For Slabs, Wall tiles, Sinks, Basins etc: Mix 10ml in a litre of water.Dip a scrubber/cloth piece in the solution and then rub the surface.Leave it for 10 mins and then rinse with water.

● 99.99% EFFICACY AS AN ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIFUNFAL AGENT: Lab-tested .Disinfectant efficacy – 99.99% against Bacteria and fungi.
● FOR COMPLETE BATHROOM SANITATION: Plant-derived ingredients break down grease, grime and germs effectively from various surfaces of bathroom.Keeps Surface spotless and sanitized.
● NATURAL AND SAFE FRAGRANCE: Aromatized with pure essential oils that are free of toxins .Eliminates unpleasant odour and leaves bathroom with refreshing fragrance.
● Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free:Say goodbye to harsh chemicals!Our non-toxic,Chemical-Free formulation does not leave behind any toxic fumes after cleaning.Hence NO Eye, Nose ,Throat and Skin irritation, headaches ,nausea and difficulty breathing.
●CONTAINS SAPONINS: Biologically-Active Surfactants from plants helping us replace harmful chemical and synthetic surfactants. Saponins are natural cleansers and take care of cleaning needs.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We care about the planet. Our bathroom cleaner comes in eco-friendly packaging, minimizing environmental impact without compromising on quality.

Ingredients: Natural Origin Bio Enzyme,Soapnut extract and Pure essential oil.

Note: Keep away from sunlight and replace cap tightly after use.
Best before 2 years from date of manufacture.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 24 mm
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