PraanaPoorna All Natural Home Cleaners 750ml -Pack of 4

1,020.00 INR

Chemical Free Home pack- Floor Cleaner,Toilet Cleaner , Soapnut Detergent-Antibacterial and Kitchen Degreaser (Kitchen Scrub)

100% Natural certified | Plant based | Non-Toxic Lab-tested | Eco- friendly | Anti-microbial Efficacy 99.99%

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The Citrus Bio peel extract (also referred to as fruit peel extract) is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner produced from citrus peels. It is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenol, and other chemical solutions we typically use in living spaces for our cleaning purposes. Clear citrus peel extract-based Natural Disinfectant. Thick Citrus bio peel extract. Soapnut blend for Kitchen and Vessels
All-purpose detergent for Laundry with pure essential oil.


● 99.99% EFFICACY AS AN ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTIFUNGAL AGENT: Lab-tested with disinfectant efficacy of 99.99% against Bacteria and fungi.
● NO CHEMICALS: Free of chemicals do not leave behind any toxic fumes after cleaning. Hence, no irritation, headaches, nausea, and difficulty breathing.
● NATURAL AND SAFE FRAGRANCE: Aromatized with pure essential oils that are free of toxic chemicals and eliminate bad odour, leaving your toilet smelling fresh.
● CONTAINS BIOFLAVONOIDS: An active ingredient that acts as a natural disinfectant, which does not add to polluting the environment.

Note: Keep away from sunlight and replace the cap tightly after use.
Best before 2 years from the date of manufacture.