PraanaPoorna New Born Pack

1,250.00 INR

Thoughtfully curated baby hamper kit, brimming with essential items for your little one’s first milestones.

100% Natural certified | Non-Toxic Lab Tested | Natural fragrance | No preservatives | Anti -microbial

Healing Baby Balm + Natural Cold Rub + Coconut oil + Natural Baby powder + Sambrani resin powder+ Palm Pouch

● MULTI-PURPOSE MOISTURISER: This product can be used as a moisturiser for the delicate and sensitive skin of infants, babies, and children.Soothes nappy rashes, toe infections of infants.
● NATURAL AND SAFE FRAGRANCE: Aromatized with pure tree resin(Sambrani), that enriches baby’s skin with a warm subtle safe scent.
● ADDS PROTECTIVE AND HYDRATING LAYER: Studies show that Beeswax acts as a Humectant, to increase hydration by forming a protective layer around your baby’s skin. It is also rich in Vitamin A, a molecule that stimulates skin cells to keep both the epi-dermal and dermal skin healthy.
● ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTIFUNGAL PROPERTIES: Coconut oil ,Beewax and Smabrani naturally contain anti-inflammatory properties that help treat sensitive, inflamed skin.Antibacterial and Antifungal properties help heal small cuts and bruises and keep skin bacteria free.

Note: Keep away from sunlight and replace cap tightly after use.
Best before 2 years from date of manufacture.

Weight 175 g