PraanaPoorna Healing Skin and Hair Care – Home Pack 0f 4

690.00 INR

100% Natural | Handcrafted|
Home pack of 4 (each 25gms) with Healing Skin Butter, Cold rub, Antifungal and Hair mask
Cold pressed Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sambrani.



Specially Handcrafted with Cold pressed coconut oil from Devarakadu (Sacred grove) Natural Farm reviving Ancient Wisdom. Sambrani or Benzoin is a resin from tree bark is from Forests of Karnataka and Beeswax is sourced from Urban Bee keepers to promote circular economy by locally sourcing raw materials.

Do check if it is suitable for your skin by applying on wrist. When your body is filled with toxins, anything you apply could have a reaction. We recommend cleansing your gut or De-Tox routine with food.

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