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Doctors are endorsing Praanapoorna Natural disinfectant Cleaners

VH Organics started by a group of doctors from VH medicals and chemicals is a unique organization started by a group of doctors based out of bhimavaram with a single purpose of chemical free living. Reducing exposure to chemicals can improve intestinal health and immunity, reduce inflammation in skin and other body parts, enhance energy, relieve stress and many researches show that it can also reduce the risk of cancer. This is what drove VH medicals and chemicals to promote chemical free living. Only by reducing the amount of chemicals we purchase can we reduce the seepage of those chemicals in our environment and our bodies. As doctors apart from focusing on treatment, they are focused on prevention of disease.The doctors at VH Medicals believe that only by reducing the toxins we can enhance immunity.

How Praanapoorna products fit with the purpose of VH medicals

Having a clean home and a body is an absolute requirement but how can one assess that the cost of cleaning can be heavy in the long term. There are plenty of natural products available that have much healthier ingredients which pave the way for chemical free living and bringing back the required immunity.

Praanapoorna products
Praanapoorna offers a range of natural products, handcrafted with locally available raw materials for chemical free living spaces. They have focused on developing natural products with citrus peels extract, Soapnuts, Shikakai, pure essential oil, and other natural ingredients and obtaining the relevant lab tests to confirm its usage application. They are a band of nature’s supporters with an ambition to promote a healthier, cleaner, and safer way of living. Praanapoorna, provide everyday-use products made by natural ingredients sans any chemical that might harm you and your surroundings.
They have a wide range of natural products to help you to advance towards a more eco-friendly and chemical-free environment

Coming together of two purpose driven organizations

As part of their efforts to make a chemical free home and lifestyle VH medicals and chemicals has Praanapoorna products stocked at their stores. Although Praanapoorna’s establishes model is direct to consumer and supply to retail stores does not fit the business model, this was an exception as there was an alignment on purpose.

Based on the lab test reports a group of expert doctors from VH medicals and chemicals have given endorsement to the Praanapoorna products. Earlier also NABL lab test results showed Antibacterial disinfectant efficacy 99.99% for Praanapoorna products. And with this experience Praanapoorna has started providing bulk supply to zero waste stores to be sold in dispensers.

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